Overseas Teaching 04.06.18

AUTHOR:Khenpo Tsultrim Lodrö

The human mind sometimes can be extremely strong and robust, and at other times can be extremely weak. Someone once told me that one day they were feeling extremely depressed, not having had much luck in whatever actions they had undertaken, and in that mood went out in the street. A complete stranger, somebody they did not know from a bar of soap, smiled at them. Being smiled at by this person filled their heart with so much joy and enabled them to overcome their negative feelings immediately. It really can work like this. The human mind may be extremely weak, but a negative mood can be cured very quickly. Simply a smile from another person, or some sympathetic, compassionate words, may be enough to help us overcome our negative emotional state right away. We as Buddhists really need to practice this, expressing love and compassion in the words that we utter and the actions we undertake. This is a defining characteristic of the Buddhist tradition and we should give its practice utmost importance.

Depicted from "Buddhism in the 21st Century - Part 80" June, Sydney, Australia